Here’s a new basketball play you can run out of a 4 out 1 in set. The 7-cut is a type of basket cut that takes one of your perimeter players down into the paint for a staggered double screen. He reads the defense, and if it’s open, he dives down the lane to receive a pass from the wing.

This one’s great for teams who try to aggressively hedge or switch on the down screen. The screener simply seals off the switch defender, then slides toward the basket with his hands up, keeping the defender on his back.

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Recommended Resource: The 41 Titan Offense is a 4 out 1 in set that uses rapid ball movement, staggered screens, and a “read and react” mindset to punish man to man defenses. It’s a fantastic solution if you’re looking for ways to

  • Get better spacing on the perimeter for more open shots
  • Open up the middle of the floor for penetration and post-ups
  • Use a variety of screening actions to free up your players for high percentage shots

The online clinic includes more than 90 minutes of video, with step by step instructions to install the offense, simple breakdown drills, and dozens of useful coaching tips. Click here to learn more about the 41 Titan Offense.