One of my favorite basketball plays is one I call Line-up. It is an inbounds play designed to work best against teams playing man to man defense.

Line Up

  • My point guard takes ball out of bounds(he doesn’t take ball until all are in place or until ref sets ball on ground).
  • The small forward and center are on the blocks with the center being in front of the ball being thrown in.
  • The shooting guard and power forward are at almost at the 3 point line 5 feet from end line.
  • Power forward is on the centers side and the shooting guard is on the small forwards side. The center breaks out to the power forward to set pick.
  • The small forward slides out to shooting guard while the shooting guard runs to the elbow. When the center sets pick the power forward goes around that pick and then the one set by the shooting guard coming thru the opposite side of the lane of the ball being thrown in. The center rolls immediately back to basket while the shooting guard pops out the 3 point line where he is in position to shoot the 3.

You have 3 options to score with the 2, 4, and 5.

Timing is critical and point guard should use ball fakes before throwing ball in. We score or are fouled 80% of the time.