Here is my out of bounds play underneath the hoop. I call it 4 Corners.

4 Corners Play
I just yell “4”.

My 2 Bigs line up on the low free throw box on each side of the hoop and the other 2 on the ends of the free throw line.

Out of bounds guard yells “go” and the Big on the same side of ball goes and picks for the other Big to come over to ball side acting like he is going to get the ball.

Of course. a good Coach teaches the “D” to switch or stay on same side (don’t move).

That is when the (Big) picker turns and boxes out, pushing back the defender a couple of feet, (using their box out skills) and looks for the ball to be inbounded to him or her.

The 2 top players screen for each other and are the outlet if underneath is not open.

If the 2 Bigs and the out of bounds player run it perfectly it WILL work almost every time.