One problem has plagued coaches for years – how do you defend size without size? And there is only one answer – with a double team.

If you don’t have the height to defend a dynamic post scorer, you have to use the speed and mobility of your team to your advantage. An attacking defense with a strong double team will force the post player to give the ball up and even give you a chance at a deflection.

There are two ways you can go about this: double teaming from the other post, or double teaming from the passer.

Doubling From The Post

Defense Post
How to Trap from the Opposite Post

When the entry pass is thrown, have your big man come from across key and set a strong trap. Make sure that the original defender does not give up the baseline, and that your trappers have their hands up discouraging any crosscourt passes.

The positioning of your offball defenders is key, as they are actually much more likely to get the steal than the defenders in the double team.

Have the man covering the opposite side wing man drop down into the key and prevent the easy pass to the other post player, and your point guard straddling the line between their point guard and the post entry passer on the wing.


Doubling From The Passer

After the post entry pass is made, have the man covering the passer double down. “ Your point guard will then slide over to his man, and the defender on the far wing will slide across and take your point guard’s assignment.

This will leave the far wing open, but this is an extremely tough pass for the post player to make, and if your perimeter players can anticipate it, often you can get a steal and an easy two going the other way.

Trap Diagram
How To Trap the Post from the Passer

Coaching Keys

  • Make sure your defenders lock those legs together, and don’t allow a split to occur
  • If the trap is broken, have your trapping defender sprint back to prevent an easy shot

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