Getting the ball into the post has long been the most effective way to run an offense – you get close, high percentage shots, and when the defense begins to collapse, it opens up your guards for in jumpshots in good rhythm.

And while most coaches will spend a fair bit of time teaching players how to work down on the block, quite a few ignore to teach players how to work up in the high post.

And any team with two post talented post players is well served to have them work the high-low game, as it can be near unstoppable. This has been proven time and time again, from recent NBA powerhouse the Los Angeles Lakers, featuring Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, to past champions, like the Tim Duncan and David Robinson led Spurs.

Much like any other part of basketball, working out of the high post is most effective when your players

Basketball Drills
4 v 4 War Drill - Option 1

make quick, smart decisions, instead of lollygagging and allowing the defense to react and adjust.

War Drill

The War Drill is a super competitive, high intensity drill that kids love, that also serves to teach them how to make good decisions in a live environment.

Have two players line up on each block, and two at each elbow, setting up a 4 v 4 matchup. One of the players at the elbow will start with the ball. On the other side, the offensive player will set a downscreen for his teammate on the block, who will curl around to the elbow for the ball.

They now have three options.

If the defender has gotten caught up in the screen, and the player is a good mid-range shooter, they should take the shot.

Coaching Post
4 v 4 War Drill - Option 2

If the screener’s defender hedges off of his man to prevent the shot, the screener should seal and receive a pass from the man up top.

And the last option, is to simply swing the ball back across the key, to the downscreen action happening on that side.

Coaching Tips

Give each team 5 possessions before switching offense to defense, and have the losing team run sprints – this will guarantee you a high intensity matchup

Fouls should result in teams being penalized a point, and if a player gets an offensive rebound, the possession continues

If you’re looking for some more tips on how to improve your ability out of the high post, make sure to check out these big man drills from a post of mine a couple weeks ago!