This is an extension of the Circle Drill for Transition Offense, and a “What If?” scenario – what if player 1, 2 or 3 gets the rebound? Here is what to do if that happens!

If 2 gets the rebound, he outlets to the 1 and 5 is running straight down the middle of the court and 3 is running the left side of the court. The 4 man is going to run the right side of the court, which puts you into your break.

If 3 gets the rebound, the 4 man is going to run to the left side of the court.

What if the 1 gets the rebound? Your 1 (point guard) is the player that you ultimately want to have the ball, so he is going to fire straight up the floor, with the other players filling the lanes, and the 4 as the trailer.

“What If” the 1 is covered?

Now, if the 1 is covered, who are you going to get the ball to? The answer? You are still going to get the ball to the 1, and you are going to do this by bringing the 5 player back to the ball and running the 1 straight across, which will take you back into your break situation.


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