After putting it up to vote on the facebook page, the 3 Out 2 In Motion offense beat out its competition as the offense you wanted to learn most about. It is a continuity offense, and I will breakdown the standard entry and run through of your first options.

By continuity offense, I mean that it is not a series of cuts and screens, not a set play, but habits and reads that your player will make based on what the defense gives them.

That’s why that before you can run this offense, there are some drills you will need to run your guys through, so that they understand where they should pass the ball and go – because it is completely up to them.

Perimeter Footwork 

Offense Basketball
Perimeter Footwork: V-Cut

It is very important that your wing players have a wide array of cuts in their arsenal, and are able to adapt easily to any defensive strategy and get open. You will stand at the top of the key, with a player standing on the free throw lane along the baseline with a ball in their hands.

Your player will pass you the ball and sprint out to the wing for another pass. After facing up on the catch, they will pass the ball back take two to three steps down towards the block, and V-cut back up to the free throw line extended receiving the pass and facing up again.

You can then have your player shoot the 3-point shot, get all the way to the hoop, or perform a one dribble pull up to either side.

While you will want to start off with just the V-cut, the Shallow cut is important to learn for wing entry as well. Make sure to thoroughly explain why player would use either, clarifying which defensive coverage each cut is intended for.

Cut Footwork
Perimeter Footwork: Shallow Cut

If the defense is doing a good job deny the V-cut, the Shallow cut is a safe alternative to the wing pass – the point guard will simply“ dribble the ball over. Instead of sprinting out to the wing for the catch, your player will sprint out to the wing, and make a shallow, east west oriented cut to the top of the key.

This is where you will deliver them the pass. Which they will then fire right back to you, and perform a quick V-cut in the direction of the elbow, and come right back up to the top of the key.

Again, they can choose from their fill of either a 3-point shot, a take to the basket, or a pull up jumper.

Coaching Keys

  • Emphasize the proper footwork – be ready to shoot on the catch with your hands up, stepping into the pass. “ For right handed players you want to step in and establish your left as your pivot foot, lefties will be the opposite
  • Emphasize the proper footwork! Make sure your players sweep low and push their dribble ahead – they should be taking as big a first step as they can under control

Next time we’ll look at some things that we can do with the post in your Motion! Get your big boys in shape with this great post conditioning drill!