This is an excellent teamwork passing drill that focuses on communication and flashing to teammates. You can run the basic blitz drill or the advanced option that adds in an additional cross pass. The players are always moving to the ball and never standing still.

Coaching Tips

1. Always be in a triple threat position when you receive the ball, no matter where you are on the floor. Always avoid holding the ball over your head.

2. Catch and Face. Whenever you catch the ball, no matter where you are on the floor, turn to your offensive basket.

3. Use Jump Stops! Especially when driving to the hoop. Jump stop, be strong, and get the defense up in the air with fakes.

4. Read the defense and react accordingly. Always move with a purpose.

5. Never pass the ball unless you have a good target to throw to. You should see your target looking at“ you, calling for the ball, and giving a target with his hands.

6. There are only 3 reasons to dribble: to improve passing angle, to drive to the hoop, and to“ get out of trouble.

7. Avoid ‘dead ball’ situations. Do not pick up your dribble without a target in“ mind.

8. Work for the high percentage shot.

9. Make good hard cuts to get open.

10. Be sure to come and meet the pass. Don’t let anyone step in between you and the ball.

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