5 killer transition offense drills

Check out these 5 Transition Offense drill ideas that will help your players gain the skills necessary to achieve successful transition offense!

Transition offense is most often fueled by fast break plays. While this is often as a result of a steal or a turnover, fast breaks can occur whenever a defense is caught off guard. Most transition offenses are played aggressive and quick to give the defense no time to establish their defensive positions or protect certain areas of the court.

But the key to a good transition offense is to know when to use it!“  This is usually prompted by the players who can recognize weak defense or by the tempo of the game.  But a transition offense is not going to be any good if the players executing it do not have good ball control or are impatient.  The Transition Offense Drills below will give you all the tips you need to train your athletes to recognize and capitalize on transition offense opportunities.


The “Laker 4-Man” Transition Offense Drill

The Laker 4-Man Drill is a killer transition offense drill that will have you seeing winning results in your season!


Five Shooting Five Transition Offense

This drill is called the “Five Shooting Five” Transition Offense Drill, and it gives your players an opportunity to get comfortable in those fast game situations. Your goal during this drill is to try and make a layup and 2 jump shots, 5 times a minute, for 5 minutes.


“The Hockey Drill” Transition Offense Drill

This is a 3-on-3 Full Court Transition Offense drill, and it’s purpose is to get your players who get the defensive rebounds, get the steals or get the outlet passes more comfortable with handling the ball and advancing the ball up the court.


The “Niagara” Transition Offense Drill

This 5 Man Transition Offense Drill will condition your players to react quickly and shoot accurately in order to gain the organized break advantage.


The 4 Man Break Transition Offense Drill

The “4 Man Break” Drill can also be used as a practice or pre-game warm-up drill!



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