A common question I hear from coaches is “What are you running if you don’t have the break?” You need to have a secondary break to run in the event that you can’t run your fast break and there are no other options available. In this transition offense video, we are demonstrating some excellent alternative options off of the fast break.

The Secondary Break Transition Offense Breakdown

  • The initial setup is the same as the fast break, with the 1 player with the basketball.
  • Remember the first rule of the break, if the 1 player takes two dribbles and no one is open, he is going to continue bringing the ball up the floor.
  • The 2 player is running the right side of the floor
  • The 5 player is moving straight down the middle and initially, he doesn’t know which way the ball is going to go.
  • If the ball goes down the right to the 2 player, the 5 is going to sit in the post above the block (with the 3 player running the left side of the court).
  • The 4 player always trails. This is a KEY POINT! The 4 player always trails and tries for the left lane line. You never want the 4 player in front of the ball – he has to be behind the ball, trailing. Being in front will allow the opponent to cut the drive and be just one pass away. By staying behind, your players can pull out an easy reversal.
  • If the defender is up and does not allow the reversal, and the 1 player can’t pass to the 2 player, there is only one choice – the 1 player will penetrate to the hoop.

You are always looking for that dribble penetration!


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