In today’s video blog post, we are talking about Set Plays Off the Transition, and the 2 Play situation in Transition Basketball.  We break down this valuable play step by step, and demonstrate how to incorporate a drill set into your daily practice.

Set Plays Off Transition: The 2 Play

Two-play means that we’re going to set two screens for the corner man. So when we set ourselves up – and we’ll utilize this side of the court first – our one is right here. He had declared this side of the court. So we’ll turn it around and we’re here already. Our five is right in front of the rim. Our guard is right out here. So this is our first look. We’re spread, we get you a little bit further down, we’re spread. And this is the opportunity right now in here to try to go at this player here. As we do that now we’re going to use our trailer.

We’re going to take the ball from the guard to the trailer. And as we do that our post guy, again, is following the ball, we continue to look for him and now we throw it to the opposite wing. As we do that now, they play two-man basketball and now we set two screens. But we want to create a screening angle first.

So as we set this up, our guard is going to take his man down like he’s cutting towards the baseline. Our first cutter now, our one – and let’s just get the trailer back a little bit – our first cutter now, the one, is going to come down and set the screen right here. Knees bent, ready to absorb. Our second player is coming right to the elbow. He’s going to be right on the elbow right here. Knees bent. We’re going to take the player from here and we’re running him off two screens.

As we run him off two screens, our first player is always going to fade out because he’s the guard as he goes by the screen. Our second player, as we come off the screen, he’s always ready now to slip the screen and step right here. What’s going to happen in a game situation is the second defender on the post here, as we set it up, is always looking to step out and help.


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