In today’s video blog post, I am featuring a great shooting drill segment, called the “3 Man 2 Ball” Individual Improvement Shooting Drill. The purpose of this drill is to get a lot of shots off while keeping the player in constant movement around the court. Additionally, we are able to focus more on the importance of the passer giving the shooter a ball that he actually has a very good shot of making.

“3 Man 2 Ball” Individual Improvement Shooting Drill

If you watch the big teams, how many guys are ready to shoot the ball at any time? This is something that we have got to coach at every step – having our players ready to shoot the ball, with their hands in ready position and their knees bent. We talk about seeing the palms of the hands before we throw the pass. We emphasize this in practice and especially in these drills, because this is an aspect that ALL teams need to improve upon.

We do a lot of 1 minute shooting, sometimes to warmup and sometimes in the middle of a practice.

  • In this drill, you need 3 players and 2 balls
  • One player will be the shooter, and the other 2 will be the passers (Passer #1 & Passer #2)
  • This drill goes for a minute
  • Passer #1 is going to make the pass and then sprint to get open
  • Passer #1 then turns to receive the next pass from Passer #2
  • The Shooter will take his shots, shooting from 15 to 19 feet
  • As soon as the Shooter takes his shot, he follows it and rebounds, and then passes to Passer #2
  • You are always partnered up with the same guy so you only have to worry about passing to that one player
  • The only rule is that you cannot be in the same spot twice – you have to constantly keep moving.


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