In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a fabulous 3 on 0 fast break drill called the “3 Line Straight”.

3 on 0 Fast Break Drill – “3 Line Straight”

In this drill, you have 3 players who are working together for the purpose of working their way down the court to make a layup – and all without dribbling. Using proper passing techniques and timing, the players will be able to complete this without risk of penalties.

To start, you have 3 players on the court, and one player is going to throw the ball off the glass and hit the wing. The players then proceed to make their way down the court as quickly as possible, without dribbling, passing between players until they reach end court and a player can successfully complete the layup.

You can also perform this same drill going down the court, and then back up. Increase the difficulty of this drill by having 2 players touch the corner baselines while the other player goes in for the rebound. This increases the speed of this drill, and makes players work harder!

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