“When you take the ball out in the back court, especially at the end of a game, what happens if you don’t play the guy out of bounds? What if the ball is taken out and no one is guarding the man?” ~ Hubie Brown

One of the most important parts of a youth basketball game is the Inbounds Plays. It is important to think of the inbounds play as an opportunity to score a quick basket. Scoring points off inbounds plays can add up throughout the course of the game.

Another important part of youth basketball inbounds plays is how to “defend” against them. Coaches need to make sure their players understand both the offensive and defensive parts of inbounds plays.

Here are some important points to remember about Sideline & Inbounds Plays:

– Boxing out is crucial to the success of the play!

– Pass fakes “freeze” defenders and opens up areas to the offensive players.

– Fake left, go right – deceive the defense and don’t show defenders which direction you are going to go to.

– Players should read the defense. If the defense is standing on a spot that they usually go to, the player must either “fight for position” or move to an open area.

– Always expect the ball!


Inbound Plays & Playing the Back Court Sideline Against Pressure – Options 1 & 2

In today’s video blog post, Hubie Brown takes us through 2 options for Playing the Back Court Sideline Against Pressure and shows you some awesome inbound plays/techniques to be an offensive threat on the court when coming in from out of bounds.

Inbound Plays/Sideline Rule To Remember:

Do not run away from the ball for a long lob because a defender can come down and intercept that ball!


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