In today’s video blog post, I am sharing another great Basketball Conditioning exercise called the “4 on 0” Fast Break Drill Warmup. “  Our team uses this basketball conditioning and warmup drill all the time – the Pistons even use this drill! And it’s a great drill for that biggest guy on your team.

Basketball Conditioning – “4 on 0” Fast Break Drill Warmup

Here’s how the “4 on 0” Fast Break Drill Warmup works:

  • You are going to begin by running a standard “3 on 0” Fast Break Drill, but here’s what changes. You are going to add one of your bigger players into the drill. This big guy is now going to throw the ball of the glass, and then he’s going to outlet it to the wing.
  • It will then be hit back to the point guard in the middle, so that you are giving that guy a lay-up.
  • The big guy is the one who gets all the rebounds. He will get the rebound, and then throw it to the player who made the score.
  • The player who scored is going to throw it back to the point guard. And then we’re going to throw it to the other guy.
  • And make sure you talk. We have to communicate in this drill.


This is a great chance for our big guys to get used to running the floor, flying down the middle of the court, and getting themselves lay-ups. Let’s say we’ve got four trips down and back. Doing the same drill run-through as above, the two wings get their lay-up first, then on the third trip, the point guard gets the lay-up. The fourth time, the big guy gets the lay-up. So this time when it goes to the guard, it goes wing, back to the point, back to the wing. The wing player then hits the big guy trailing. A lot of us run something where the big guy’s trailing down the middle.

So that’s our “4 on 0” Fast Break Drill Warm-up for Basketball Conditioning. Just remember, if you miss a lay-up, you go again. You have to make four lay-ups in a row. Okay? If you turn over, if you travel, same thing. You go again until you make those four in a row.


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