In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great running the floor drill. It is a 4-on-4 war in the paint game, which is set up as offense against defense. After the offense shoots the ball, if they make it or if they don’t make it, the defense will get the rebound and they will outlet it to the wings.

4 vs. 4 Running The Floor Drill

Important Points:

  • Play at both ends of the court
  • Advance the ball using the passers on the wings
  • Continue to look for the short, then the pass down low, then the swing pass
  • Run the floor after the basket is made
  • Advance the ball quickly after a rebound
  • Try to beat the defensive player down the court
  • Always take the jump shot when open
  • The team in better shape wins the game
  • This drill teaches that you must continue to make good decisions even when you get tired


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