Breaking the zone defense can be tough – this drill will help condition players to pass quickly to spread the zone out.

Drill Setup

  • To start, you only need 5 players on offense to begin the drill, spread out over the perimeter. Later, you can add defenders to help provide more game-like situations.

How it Works

  1. Player 1 will start with the ball just outside the three-point line. He or she will pass the ball to either Player 2 or Player 3 to start.
  2. Then, the pass goes to the post position, and then cycles back around – 3,1,2,4… and then cycles back again.
  3. Players can add a fake in here one way, and go back the other, but they should refrain from throwing the ball across the court – this type of pass is often intercepted.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great chance to practice the overhead pass – which is often used to skip the ball against a zone
  • Adding a defense running a zone will help your players develop their swing pass timing and quickness, and help them spread a zone defense out.