Players learn to properly execute a one-handed flick pass.

Drill Setup

  • Players pair off and line up across from each other in the lane area.
  • Each player should be on the edge of the lane.
  • One player has a ball.
Players line up across from each other and pass back and forth

How it Works

  1. Player with ball passes to the other player.
  2. They take turns passing the ball back and forth using a flick pass, snapping the wrist and releasing the ball with one hand.
  3. Start with the right-hand flick pass, then move on to the left-hand flick pass.
  4. Rule of thumb – work weak hand three times more than strong hand.

Coaching Tips

  • Passers start in triple threat position, catchers catch in triple threat position.
  • With a flick pass, players should step to throw and snap the wrist.
  • Follow through with your passing hand extended and fingers pointed
  • Catch the ball with “feet in the air” – meaning you should jump forward to aggressively receive the ball.