Players learn to properly execute a bounce pass.


Players pair off and line up across from each other in the lane area. Each player should be on the edge of the lane. One player has a ball.

How it Works

  1. Player with ball bounce passes to the other player.
  2. They take turns passing the ball back and forth using a bounce pass.
  3. Start with the right-hand bounce pass, then move on to the left-hand bounce pass.
  4. Rule of thumb – work weak hand three times more than strong hand.

Bounce Pass Basketball Passing Drill

Coaching Tips

  • Go low and long when making the bounce pass. The ball should travel two-thirds of the way in the air.
  • Step forward and turn their wrist over on the throw.
  • Follow through with your passing hand extended and fingers pointed.
  • Practice faking a high pass, then stepping around an imaginary defender to make a bounce pass.
  • “Fake a pass, make a pass”