In today’s video blog post, we’re talking about shooting drills that utilize the backdoor cut.  The backdoor cut is one of the easiest ways to get wide open layups in your half court offense.

Misdirection to Backdoor

  • Players need to act like they are going to the top, and then reverse pivot and then throw for the backdoor layup.  (This is where we get a lot of our backdoor layups.)

Backdoor Cut

  • The player is going to pass to the coach, then come into the middle, show his hand, step off and then cut and go into the backdoor layup.

Rip Through / Lay-ups

  • The player is going“ to catch it, rip it through and get to the basket for the lay-up.

Lift Fake / Jump Shot

  • The player is going“ to lift fake, and then take the jump shot.

Communication is the key in all of these plays/shooting drills – the passer and cutter need to make sure they’re on the same page for this to work successfully!


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