When I start my basketball workouts, I like to start out with some ball handling drills because I feel like it gets me warm, it gets me moving, and it gets my feet moving. So after I’m done with the drill, I have a little bit of a sweat going. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing with you one of my preferred “go-to” warmup ball handling drills – the “Cone Warm-Up Drill”.

Ball Handling Drills: “Cone Warm-Up Drill” for Practice & Conditioning

Set up the cones as indicated in the video, or you can refer to the diagram below. And we are going to go in and out of all the cones. And with that, we’re going to have a mix of a crossover, an inside-out crossover, and between the legs.

cone warmup ball handling drills

When you do these ball handling drills, you want to try and go as fast as you can. Even if you lose the ball it’s okay, because as you do it more and more you’re going to get yourself in better shape and then also you’re going to get your handle a lot better.


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