The goal of the drill is to try and steal (knock out of bounds) your teammates ball without losing yours and keeping on the correct hand according to the coach’s whistle.  The players love the competitiveness of this drill.

Circle Whistle Drill
As a coach you have a whistle and every time the whistle blows the players have to cross-over from their right hand to their left hand and always be on the correct side.

Start off using 1/2 court.

As the number of players gets smaller, you lessen the playing field by making the area smaller until it is just two players in the free-throw circle.

You can vary this drill by making them have to use a move every time they hear the whistle, go around their back, between their legs, or even use two balls to dribble with.

Their ball can be knocked away and as long as they are still inbounds they can compete but if the ball or the player is ever out of bounds, then they must sit out.

It’s amazing to see how much effort the players put into this drill and the benefits they get on their ball-handling skills.