Most transition offense plays are aggressive and quick, giving the defense no time to establish their defensive positions or protect certain areas of the court. Many teams with faster, smaller players or multiple guards are often better at transition offense as they can move the ball up the court more quickly. The key to a good transition offense it know when to use it. This is facilitated by players who can recognize if an opponent’s transition defense is sluggish or weak, and also by the tempo of the game. A transition offense that generates a fast break is not going to be any good if the players executing it do not have good ball control or are impatient.

Five Shooting Five Transition Offense Drill

This drill is called the “Five Shooting Five” Transition Offense Drill, and it gives your players an opportunity to get comfortable in those fast game situations. Your goal during this drill is to try and make a layup and 2 jump shots, 5 times a minute, for 5 minutes. This means your players have to concentrate on their shooting, and they can’t shoot outside of their range. If your players make those 3 shots, that will count as one score, and you are trying to make 25 total.


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