Mental toughness is a key to winning. In order to reach your goals in your successful journey, you must possess mental toughness. You can always perform at the highest level, because with mental toughness you will believe there is nothing too big, too strong, or too long to overcome. With this mentality you will have more success and more opportunities when it comes to winning.

Mental toughness is a component that takes away the fear and enhances the confidence when competing at a high level.

Focus and Commitment:

In order to perform and experience playing tough at a high level of competition, a player and team must practice competing and playing at that high level during the practice/training stage. Placing yourself in game like situations during practice or training simulates that high level you would use during games.

A player needs to understand the brain will revert back to its habits when placed in scared/fearful or confused situations. Therefore, if a player practices at a high level, building his/her confidence and mental toughness, the brain will understand how to get out of those situations,“  which is a result of proper training and developing “Good practice/training Habits”.

These particular players tend to excel more on the court and experience more success.

Game Speed Shooting Drill

Set up: Use all baskets with 3 players each basket with 1 basketball

Emphasis: Shooting consistently while sprinting (emphasizing game speed)

Description: If you have 4 baskets occupied: you have a shooter, a passer, a rebounder at each basket.

Each player will shoot elbow to elbow constant moving and receiving passes. The quicker you move the more shoots you will take in a timed 1minute. After 1st shooter, the next person in the group goes, and until the last shooter in the group has completed their shots.


Each player will keep track of made baskets. Then total all 3 players in the group to get a grand total. The losers will have 20 sit-ups/push-ups, 2 suicides, or 3 full court sprints down and back.

What does the drill accomplish?

  1. Shooting at game speed not realizing how focus and fast you going
  2. Conditioning training the body, while competing and having fun
  3. Building Mental Toughness!

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