Everyone is running screen and roll at every level. But often times it is run incorrectly. In today’s video post, we are demonstrating some awesome ways to teach and incorporate the screen and roll into your basketball practice plan and game strategy.

Offensive Sets & the Screen and Roll

When you teach screen and roll, as you come over the screen, if you only take one dribble, you can’t get the ball through if your opponent has any size. So you want to always teach your players to take two dribbles of the Screen and Roll. Once you come off two dribbles, you’re coming to score because if he steps, you’ve got an automatic layup. You must come off to score into the lane.

If you teach screen and spot up, you want to be sure to include the crossover into the layup. You are always looking for your opportunity to step through the trap.

Always practice these 5 things in Screen and Roll:

1. Take the ball two dribbles, look for the pass and then layup
2. Take the ball two dribbles and then layup
3. Take the ball two dribbles and then take the jump shot
4. Take 2 dribbles, split and then take the layup with the left hand
5. Take 2 dribbles, split and then take the jump shot

It doesn’t matter if you run the screen and roll on the wing or the top of the circle, or coming down the side line break, the rules are always the same – come off two dribbles, because that stretches the defense and puts pressure on them.


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