post fundamentals post footwork drill

This post footwork drill teaches post players footwork on the low block and what the first option should be every time they receive the ball in the post.

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“Post Fundamentals – First Look” Post Footwork Drill


All Players in a line at the wing, with 2 balls, ready to pass in to the post. One offensive player on the low block, and Coach behind the post player, with a pair of shoes in hand.


1. Post Player extends both arms, bent at the elbow 90 degrees, holding off the defender, while showing a wide clear target for a pass.

2. Coach puts a pair of shoes behind the post player, suggesting where the defender is positioned.

3. Wing Player passes into the post.

4. In this case, defender covers the middle, by placing shoes in a position as though a defender was hedging up towards the free-throw line and providing a lane baseline.

5. Post Player makes a reverse pivot by keeping the left foot on the ground and swinging the right foot towards the basket.

6. Post Player takes one power dribble and finishes the layup.

7. Passer rotates to Offense, and Offense goes to the back of the passing line.

Coach’s Emphasis

Always look baseline first! Switch up the position of the shoes consistently, and have fun with it!


Watch the full video demonstration inside the Basketball Blueprint app! (FREE)