This drill is a spin off of the Celtic Drill that enhances conditioning, passing and layups. Remember, this drill is targeted for ages 10 and under who are just starting basketball.

Ball Handling for Beginners
1) Outlet player on the left and right of each basket
2) 2 players in the middle
3) 2 players on the basket.
4) Additional players fill in at the outlet spots.

1) One person under each of the baskets start the drill.
2) They pass to the right outlet and follow their pass.
3) Outlet passes to the middle and follows their pass.
4) Middle passes to wing (outlet at the other end of the floor) and follows their pass.
5) Wing bounce passes into the post who does a post move, gets their own rebound and passes to the outlet on the right, follow thier pass.

Keep the drill going emphasizing good passing and catching and DON’T let the other ball catch up to you!!!