In today’s video blog post, I am featuring a killer transition offense drill that will have you seeing winning results in your season!

Breaking Down The Laker 4 Man Drill for Transition Offense

Begin the drill by tossing the ball off the backboard, and as the player gets the rebound and turns to the outside, and from there the ball to the outlet, and another player is going to fill the middle. The outlet will then pass to the middle, and the middle will dribble to the half court line.

When the middle reaches the half court line, he will pivot around and face the top of the circle – a change of direction move. The supporting players will slide into post and hold their position.

At this point, the middle is preparing to give the ball to the outlet player, but we need to make sure he is open. So the middle will start and make a move away from him, and the outlet is moving with the middle, ready to get the ball. The middle will cut back and make a move to the outlets side, opening up the outlet player for the pass. This gives you a 45 degree angle, which allows us to work on Post Feed.

The outlet player will give a fake up top, and throw the pass underneath to the post. The post will catch and turn, as if it were a post move using drop step or pivot, and throw the ball off the backboard on the other side.

On the weak side, you simply reverse sides and directions. This is a killer transition offense drill that will have you seeing results in your season!


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