These basketball handling drills include a fast break/long pass drill. Every team needs fast break drill and they need to handle long passing.

Fast Break-Long Pass Drill
There are 2 teams 5-6 on each team or more if there are more players.

2 players from each team start from the free throw line.
1 player takes the shot and take’s his own rebound.
He takes 2-3 dribbles out from the field(to get away from defenders in a game),takes a long pass to the other line who waits for the long pas–3meters (9 feet?) from the midline along the sideline.
The person who gets the basketball runs for the lay up.
Next he takes the rebound and passes it to the person who waits at the free throw line on the other side.
The other team does the same on the other side.

The winner is the first to 21, 1 point for each basket (only the lay up). Then switch sides.  Last season the team struggled with fast break and long passes but are doing much better.

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