The best thing I have learned from coaching over the years is that not all players have the same ability so it takes more time to get the point over to them. So, it feels good to see the “oh yeah” look on a player’s face that had a hard time getting a drill. My favorite drill that my players seem to enjoy is the full court pass and layup drill.

Full Court Pass & Lay-up Drill
I split the team up at opposite side of the gym.
Place a passer at the top of the key on each half.
We have one line for rebounder, one line for dribblers.
You rotate passers as you see fit.

This how it would be if it was on the right side of the court:

  1. Player sprints down the court, dribbles with his right hand down the sideline.
  2. Once at half court passes the ball to the player at top of the key.
  3. Continue running until he reaches the free-throw line extended where he makes a V or Z-cuts to the basket.
  4. He receives the ball back from the passer standing at the top of the key for a right hand lay-up. (No bouncing once he receives the pass back),shoots until basket is made.
  5. Gets his own rebound out of the net.
  6. Passes to the out of bounds player.
  7. The out of bounds player passes to the next player in line who is ready for the outlet pass by the sideline.