In today’s blog post, we are talking about basketball offense, and how to run a killer spread triangle play. “  This is a spread triangle that I developed specifically for my team.  I took the best parts of the triangle and incorporated them into the spread which is more of a 4-out 1-in type of look- which I think more teams are going to now. So I kept my favorite parts of the triangle, and initiated it with a little bit more of a continuity.


2 Guard Front with a Wing

This starts in a 2 guard front with a wing. And generally, 2 is out front and 4 is out on the corner of the volleyball court.

basketball offense triangle

The first thing you want to do is form a triangle on the ball side. We’ve got five on this side and, for us, we wanted to keep her pretty close to the block as much as we could, but if you have somebody that can move around, it’s really pretty good.

How To Fill The Triangle

There different ways you can fill the triangle.

1) The first one, and the one that we did the most, was just to pass and fill with the point guard. So we pass to the wing, fill the corner, and then your 2 guard’s going to come to the point and 4 is pretty much going to stay right where you are.  And the way the basketball offense goes from there, the play you use, is dependant on who you throw the ball to. It’s going to be a whole different play. And that’s how we put it in. We put in the corner pass play, the post feed play, the pass to the top, and the pass to 4.

2) To fill the triangle, you can also bring 4 through to the corner. If your 4’s a pretty good 3-point shooter, you could run her through to the corner. Then pass to the wing, and run her through to the corner. And then your guys just have to shift a little bit. You’re going to take the spot at the top and the spot on the wing. So if you have a 4 guard type of offense, you can really run this any way you want to.

basketball offense triangle

5 Man to the Corner

Another thing you could do is have your 5 man go out to the corner. If you want to throw the ball to the wing and maybe they’re denied and you can’t get it in, this is my least favorite option because there’s not enough movement. You can just push her down.

basketball offense triangle

So you dribble entry into the triangle. Now, the only advantage to that is if she’s really denied hard, you’re probably going to have an easier time of feeding the post. So if you really want to get the ball into the block and you’ve got denial on the wing and you push them down, and plus, now you have your point guard who, on most teams, is the better passer on the floor, you have her making a decision. Number one, and her making the entry pass. The entire triangle is based on what happens on the second pass.

Pass and fill. That’s the first pass. Nothing’s happening yet. The whole offense now is predicated on what happens next.

The first option is the corner pass – throw the ball to the corner.

So what we do next is look to get a pick and roll in the corner. We want to bring the center out and set a little back screen with a wing. Next, you must cut ball side. Because, really, all we’re trying to do with this make the center’s man help a little bit.

So make a good cut, get her off a little bit. And now when we go pick and roll, we’re not going to be able to hedge, because I just made her man help down there.

basketball offense triangle

You keep going all the way to the corner, but also keep looking for the ball. You can ease into the block a little. And then you’re going to spot up a little bit opposite on the line. Now what we’ve done is gotten a little better angle to set the screen in the corner.

If you have a team that doesn’t like to guard your big people outside of the lane, use them as screeners. Because there’s no hedge, there’s no help, and you’re going to get a much better shot.

Now we have a good angle. We’re going to screen in the corner. And we’re just going to run pick and roll. We’re trying to come off and drive the lane. We don’t really take a whole lot of jumpers off this because we’re trying to drive the ball or get our person who’s rolling in.

The Roll

The first key for the person with the ball is that you’ve got to go shoulder to shoulder. You’ve got to use the screen. You’ve got to rub your man off. If they want to go behind, we’re going to stop and shoot the 3. If they try to fight over the top, we’re going to go right to the basket.

So those are our two options. If I’m defending and here comes the screen and I go behind. We’ve got to be able to stop and hit a 3. If I go over the top, and you rub me off, you’re trying to drive it.

The Screener

The screener is going to just roll and open to the basket. And if they would switch or hedge or do anything else, we’re going to try to keep the ball out. This is a very difficult pass to make. The thing you have to be sure of is you’re not going to run her into a charge. So we try to get as close as we can to the elbow to make more of a pass in the line than to lead her into a charge.

If your man helps, which is probably what will happen, you might want to flash in and you’ll probably get this shot a lot. You’re just spotting up for 3 and hanging out in the corner. Pass and fill. Decide to go to the corner. Cut off. Ball screen. Pick and roll. Flash.

Now let’s say we want to get you in the pick and roll. You’re going to push her down. And then throw a 3. Now you’re going to cut on the inside towards the ball. Pick and roll.

Same thing for a screen on the ball. Look in. And whoever was on the block, you’re going to look to flash.  So you can get anybody you want into the pick and roll.

2-Man Game

The one that we like the most is the two-man game. We’ve got our best two players on the side of the floor and we want to just play a two-man game.

basketball offense triangle

So you’re going to come right to the point, you’re going to catch the ball. IF they’re fronting, if you have a mismatch, you want to look to throw it in. While you’re doing that, you’re coming up to the elbow. We want to get outside the lane and be in the free throw area.

Now the options, there are a few. One, you can use this as a ball screen. We designate it by people – some players are good at the ball screen, some aren’t.  So the ones that are, we allowed them to ball screen; the other ones, we made them do the pass and cut.  Most of our offense was out of the pass and cut.  And what we do there is simply throw the ball and make a move to get open. If the defense goes behind, you’re going to stop and shoot the jumper.

The whole key is reading the defense. The person with the ball has got to see what’s going on. If they’re denied, we have an option for that. If the defense is going to go behind, generally teams do the same thing – they go behind screens or they go over the top. So you know pretty much going into the game what you will be dealing with.

basketball offense triangle

So the person coming up has to read it. You’ve got to get your feet set, because you’re a screener. On the hand-off, you’re trying to screen as you hand the ball off. So you’ve got to work on their footwork a little bit on that. So what we’re working on is our pivots. If the defense goes behind we want to pivot on our left foot and screen them as we hand the ball back out. So it’s a longer run for them to get out. So catch. Pivot. And flip it out.


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