Basketball Passing DrillThis is a full court drill. I like to divide the court in half length wise, so that, my players loop through the drill twice.

Basketball Passing Drill
1. Choose two players that will be at stationary points.
Player A will be located at the top of the key in one end.
Player B will be located at the top of the key in the other end of the court.
The rest of your players will line up along the base line at one end of the court.

2. The first player (Player 1) in line will start with the basketball.
She will pass the ball to Player A and start sprinting down the court towards the other end.
Player A will immediately pass back to Player 1 (Player 1 should be approximately at the center line).
Player 1 will then pass to Player B who will immediately pass the ball back so that Player B can make the lay-up.

3. Once the lay-up is made the ball is passed to the next player in line.

This is why having two lines on opposite sides of the court going at the same time is helpful. If you are only using one line, then the Player 1 can dribble the ball up the court to the next player in line. Whatever works for you!