For along time I worked diligently on the routine basketball passing drills. Success was there but a major success came about when I changed most of my passing drills to the overhead two hand passing drill.

In a short period of time it became very clear in games that we were using the overhead pass to hit the post player. The ball elevated eliminated almost all of the digging from the guards and wings on defense.

Overhead Two-Handed Passing Drill

The shot was taken above the head without bringing it down first. We were getting back door breaks and lay ups from overhead passes to men breaking who were elevated and continued the shot in mid-air.

Our shot percentage increased, there were more fouls called against our opponents and believe it or not, we had fewer turn-overs, take a ways, etc.

In practice, I devote ten minutes minimum to “good hand” drills above the head. The kids like it, they pride themselves on their success and put a lot of effort into it.

We are an in-the-face full court man-to-man defense that bring about many opponent turn-overs, steals and quick baskets. The overhead two-handed passing works very well in these situations. It also works well in our press breaker game.

A lot of time, during the press we are different than most, we put the rock in the hands of“  numbers three, four and five. Small guards can’t stop clean, crisp and well directed passing.

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