The Circle Passing Drill is one we do frequently and with excellent results.  The object is to pass the ball to another player in the circle.  Use good passes: chest, bounce, overhead, etc.

The Circle Passing Drill
At least 6 players in a circle.
Distance between players can vary.
Start with one ball.

The rules:
. You can not pass the ball to the players on your immediate right side or left side.
. You can not look directly at the player you intend to pass the ball. (when using only one ball, I encourage ball fakes.)

After a minute, you add a second ball.
. In addition to the above mentioned rules, you now can not throw the ball to someone who already has a ball.

Depending on how many players in the circle, you can add a third ball.

. Place one defensive player in the middle of the circle.  If he steal the ball, the player who passed the ball in is now in the middle.

. The All Important Chaos Factor:“  While all of this is going on, have coaches, parents, etc, near the players making noise and generally trying to distract the players.