Here is one of my simple basketball post drills that I run with my junior teams to develop penetration from the low-post positions at either side of the key. This works best if you have an even number of players in the team.

Low Post Position Drill

I split the team into two sides with four players a side. The setup is easy. Player #1 is outside the 3pt line inline with the elbow of the key. Player # 2 is outside the 3pt line low and opposite Player #3 who starts just outside the key low-post. Player #4 is out of court beneath the basket.

The two sides run in competition with each other to complete 12 successful baskets. The ball passes from #1 to #2 to #3 who must attack the ring. #4 takes the rebound and passes to #1. #3 re-sets in time to receive the pass from #2.

#2 lunge-passes to #3.

#3 alternates a drop-step and attack on the ring with working back into the center of the key for a hook or jump shot.

As soon as one side has successfully made their 12 baskets, the other side drops and does 12 push-ups or 12 sit-ups or 3 half-court suicides or 3 half-court pretzel runs (I vary the punishment and we only get half a court to train on).

As soon as the punishment is finished the players rotate once and we run through it again. I do this four times to give everyone a go at every position / role.

Since both of my teams lack height I am big on everyone being able to play every position.

I have noticed a huge increase in the number of times we successfully attack the ring from low-post in games which has helped my under 14’s go to the top of their ladder and kept my hugely out-gunned under-18’s competitive in their section with an genuine chance of making finals.

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