I often use basketball practice games instead of drills.  One of the favorites I have my team play is a 3 on 3 pivot/pass drill game.

This teaches players to move without the basketball, spacing on the floor, forming proper passing angles, communication and proper pivoting technique to protect the basketball.

3 on 3 Pivot/Pass Drill Game

Rules: No dribbling and a pass cannot be more than 15 feet.  Start at the baseline.
The object is to advance the ball to half court and that team receives one point.  When a pass is made the player receiving the pass must pivot and then make a pass.

If the defending team deflects the ball or steals the pass it is a turnover and then they are on offense.  It is also a turnover if a bad pass is made or if the offensive player does not pivot before making the pass.

The team that started out on defense scores by advancing the ball when they are on offense past the baseline.

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