In today’s video blog post, I want to introduce you to the Princeton Lay Ups Drill.  This basketball shooting drill has 3 purposes:

  1. To work on ball handling
  2. To work on pivoting
  3. To work on game-type lay-ups

“Princeton Lay Ups” Basketball Shooting Drill

In this basketball shooting drill, you are going to work on a left-handed reverse and a right-handed reverse.

  • Start off with a left-handed lay-up on the strong side of the backboard .
  • You want to pivot in a big open, and then take it to the basket.
  • When you take it to the basket, keep the ball in your right hand so that it can stay between your body and the defense.
  • Next, try to make the reverse left-handed lay-up
  • There are times when you want players to take it to the basket off one foot as opposed to a power lay-up because it’s quicker and you elevate higher to the rim.
  • Be sure to perform the above actions in a right-hand reverse as well.
  • Next, pivot in the corner and power lay up on the right side.
  • Lastly, work on the power lay-up with a pump fake

Power Lay Up

“Power lay-up” means, as you drive, two foot stop, and then power the ball in. You know you’re going to get contact as you try to make the shot, and you’re most likely going to get fouled. But this is a good 3-point play opportunity.

Shooting Tip:

Whether it’s a short jump shot or a lay-up, if you put the ball on the top corner of the square, you never miss.


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