Quick Six Drill

This is a great basketball shooting drill that can be used for warmups before your practice or games. “  It’s called the “Quick Six” drill, and this basketball shooting drill allows athletes to concentrate on making the shots. “  In it, the athlete simply works on his throwing and making six shots – 2 layups, 2 face up moves and 2 jump hooks. It’s the athletes choice whether they want to go right hand or left hand, right foot or left foot. But you want them to try to make six shots in a row, 3 footers, as quick as possible, and we don’t want the ball to hit the ground.

This basketball shooting drill is great to work on the follow as well, as if the athlete misses the shot, it conditions him to go after the ball quickly. It also works on the hustle, because you don’t want to let that ball hit the ground.


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