Ball control is one of the best things a player can learn besides offense and defense. So give this drill a try; I call it “Ball Control”.

Ball Control Drill
Split your team in half.  Half stand at one corner of the gym and the other half stand at the other end of the gym, but opposite corners.

The coaches have one set of players and one has the other set of players.  Each set of players have at least 2- 3 balls for their group.

The first player passes the ball to the coach who in turns will either ( throw it, roll it or just give it back) as the player is running toward the other end of the gym to make a basket.

The key to this drill is they can not try to dribble first. They must gain control of the ball, then they can dribble in to the basket or take their shot from anywhere on the floor, unless the coaches tell them what kind of shot to take.