In today’s video blog post, I am demonstrating a great ballhandling drill that utilizes combinations for great footwork conditioning, as well as keeping you sharp and responsive to the different situations that you might be faced with against a defender.

“Trash Can” Ballhandling Drill

In this drill, you are going to use a recycling can and a garbage can, or 2 garbage cans – basically anything that you can find. The cans are going to represent your defenders in a game situation.

Start at half court and from this point to the recycle bin or trash can, you are going to run a ball handling drill. So you want to come out, head up, palms spread, balanced and ready to make a move at any time.

Depending on how the guard is going to defend you, when you are approximately 5 to 6 feet away, you want to start making your next move. In this drill, we are going to use the Inside Out Cross, from the right hand to the left.

As you reach the “defender”, you want to get low and protect the ball, but be ready to explode to the basket at any moment. And you have to be ready to take your shot with different techniques. What works in one situation may not be an option in another.

You can also use a “Cross Over”, “Between The Legs” or “Spin Dribble” in this drill. Using different variations of moves within this drill is great, because you can’t limit yourself to just one move. You need to be able to adjust your next move based on the situation you are in at that moment. The more creative you can be in this game, the more successful you are going to be!


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