Fast breaks are most often the result of a good defensive play such as a steal, off a block or a missed shot by the other team.  During the Fast break, a team attempts to move the ball up court and into scoring position as quickly as possible, so the defense is outnumbered and doesn’t have time to set up.

There are various styles of the fast break.  In a typical fast break situation, the defending team gets the ball and passes it to their fastest player, who then sets up the fast break. “  That player speed-dribbles the ball upcourt, with several players trailing him.  He then either passes it to another player for a quick basket, or takes the shot himself.

At your level, you are going to have a lot of fast break opportunities that come off of turnovers. When we are talking about turnover fast breaks, we are talking about unplanned play. The team that has the best fundamentals and is the most aggressive will always win the unplanned part of the game.

What is Turnover Fast Break Offense? PLUS Drill Training Video!

Recognition, speed, ball-handling skills and decision making are critical to the success of a fast break offense.  In order to take advantage of transition fast break offense opportunities, your main emphasis should be on training your players to make decisions on the move.  And you need to give your players the chance to learn this as often as possible.

In today’s video, we demonstrate a drill for working on the turnover fast break and unplanned situations. During these fast break offense drills, your players are going to make a lot of errors on the transition, but this is an important part of a player learning to become instinctive, which is essential for unplanned play.

2 important fundamentals involved in a turnover fast break offense (unplanned play) are:

  • If you have 3 people attacking, you want the ball in the middle of the floor and the wings filled
  • If you have 2 people attacking, you want to split the defender and try to take the ball as far into the basket as you can, until you draw a contact and either have a lay-in or drop it off when you do get contact.


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