Players practice cutting and passing to the cutter.

Drill Setup

  • Two players line up on opposite sides of the court at the free throw line extended.
  • One player has a ball.
1. Start

How it Works

  1. Player without the ball runs down and executes a V cut.

    2. Make a V-Cut
  2. Player with ball passes to the cutter, who catches and squares up to the basket.

    3. Receive a Pass
  3. At this point, the person who passed, executes a V cut and receives a pass.
  4. Repeat

Coaching Tips

  • Players should catch and square to the basket in triple threat position.
  • Look for good timing of the pass – should be delivered right when the player comes off the cut.
  • Players should hop off their inside foot to square to the basket.
  • You can also try L-cuts and back door cuts