In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great individual improvement drill called the “3-12 Drill”. This drill is all about offensive rebounding. You’re just crashing the glass, trying to go right up and score with it.  It’s a no holds barred, all physical contact drill, that’s all about trying to finish.

3-12 Drill for Offensive Rebounding

  • The drill begins with three players
  • The coach stands underneath the basket and the players are down low in their stance, behind the block area and ready to catch. The coach may throw it off the board, or out for a loose ball – even on the floor. Whatever it is, the athletes are trying to catch it and go right up and score.
  • Once the ball is caught, it becomes 1-on-2. If you’ve got the ball, you’re going up to score, and the other players are trying to stop him without fouling.
  • If the ball goes outside of the lane area, you don’t have a shot, and you’ll throw the ball back to coach.


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