Today we’re looking at a great defensive drill to help with your ability to stay in front of the offensive player. Don’t shy away from contact!

1 on 1 Kick The Can Defensive Drill

Purpose: To train the athlete to stay between the man and the basket

Every player needs to be able to play defense. Every player needs to be able to guard. This way you don’t give up any penetration. Rule #1 of our team’s mission is to stop penetration.

So many times the ball monopolizes people’s attention, so that when a one on one player makes a move with the ball, defensive players tend to go sideways to follow the player.

A better approach on any fake is to simply back up a step, because what you are guarding is the basket.

How to Perform this Defensive Drill:

  • Take the ball completely out of the drill, and place it under the basket.
  • The goal of the offensive player is to try and get to the ball and hit it with their foot.


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