Learning to finish through contact is what separates good post players from great ones. If you can teach your players to go up strong, brace themselves for contact and attempt to finish, not only will they shoot higher percentage shots, but they will draw more fouls.

The last thing you want your post players doing is contorting and twisting to avoid contact, which just makes their shot more difficult, and bails out the defender from a possible foul.

Basketball Drills
Dunk-On Drill

Dunk-On Drill

Now I know few of us are lucky to be blessed with players who have the ability to soar above a defender and throw it down on their head, but it’s important for everyone to get in on this drill – from your bigs to your little guys.

Have a coach stand at the top of the key, with two players facing the coach, standing on each block. They will pump their feet, waiting on the coach to make a pass to one of them.

As soon as the pass is made, the player receiving the pass will step in and try to dunk on the other player as he steps over to try and block the shot.

While not all of your players are going to be able to dunk the ball, make sure they jump holding the ball strong with two hands, inviting the contact, slapping the backboard as they finish if possible.

War Drill

Another great drill to develop toughness for your players is this variation of the War drill. Have three players stand in the key, ready to fight for a rebound. When you throw the ball up to the rim, the players will begin to fight for the rebound, in a race to score three points.

It doesn’t matter if the ball goes through the hoop, as long as it stays within the key area, it is live and the players can score with it again. There are no fouls, and if the ball so happens as to leave the key area, you will just shoot another ball.

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