Peripheral Passing


This is a great drill that focuses on passing, reaction time and peripheral vision.

How It Works

1. Have 5 players line up, the first of which has a ball, with a 6th player standing 5 feet away lined up in the middle of their line.

2. The 6th player – the passer - who also has a ball, will begin the drill by passing to the 2nd player in line.

3. As soon as the 1st pass is thrown, the player at the front of the line will throw a pass of their own to the passer.

4. The passer will fire that pass right off to the 3rd player, as he receives a pass back from the 2nd player .

5. This pattern will continue until each player has made 2 passes, at which point they rotate with a new passer stepping in.

Make It Easier

Do the same drill, but with just one ball with an emphasis on getting the balls out as fast as possible.

Make It Harder

Give each player 30 seconds, and have them compete to see who can fire off the most passes in that time.