Here’s a full court lay-up drill that is competitive and a good indicator of how good you can run the floor.

Full Court Lay-Up Drill
Two players w/ basketballs are under the rim on each end.
Four lines, two on each end free throw line extended.
The first two minutes will be right hand lay-ups with a count kept.
The second two minutes will be left hand lay-ups with a count kept.
Goal is 75 made lay-ups in the four minutes w/ a penalty of your choice.

Simultaneously the players pass the ball to the wings on their right side and run the floor wide. The sideline player passes the ball back to the original passer and moves to the line on the same side but on the other end.

The original player then passes the ball ahead to a player in the front of the line on the other end who passes it back to him for a lay-up.  The last passer to the lay-up man rebounds the ball out of the net and passes to the line going down the other side.  Remember, the last passer is the rebounder who makes the outlet and heads for a lay-up on the other end.

The other side is going at the same time.