In today’s video post, we are talking about conditioning drills that will teach your players to better asses a situation and adjust their offense accordingly, on the fly, by practicing their read and reactions.  We are going to focus specifically on conditioning drills for perimeter cuts and relocation.

Perimeter Cuts

This could be a segment in practice, where you put 10 minutes on the scoreboard, with the big guys on one end and the perimeter guys on the other.  Both groups will get a lot of work in this conditioning drill.  You could do this drill at the beginning of practice, so your players get into something constructive as soon as they hit the floor. You may even be able to put your guys into groups of 4, and do some individual workouts with them, going ove the offensive footwork and other components that break down into our motion offense.

Curling into Short Jump Shot

You can work the curling action into a short jump shot, and you’ll see your players getting a lot of shots off in this 10 minute period. But we’re getting shots up that come within our offensive system.

You can also incorporate a fade into this same drill, and then a shot fake and dribble. So we have curling and fading action.

Relocation Shot Fake One Dribble

We also do a conditioning drill with post feeds off of a shallow cut. You want to focus on working the footwork of feeding the post, and then working along the three point line, with a shot fake, one dribble on relocation.

These conditioning drills will teach your players everything they need to know to run your motion effectively!


What did you think of this conditioning drills video?“  Will you be trying these drills with your players?

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