fun basketball drills

In today’s blog post, we are talking about some fun basketball drills for kids, that will help improve their speed and teamwork skills, all while having a great time.  These fun basketball drills will have your athletes asking for more practice time!


Silly Speed Relays

The Silly Speed Relays help kids work on different speed and agility exercises in a fun, game-like setting. Coaches will divide players into teams and have them line up on one side of the court.

To play this silly relay game, players will take turns racing down the court and back using the following moves:

The Robot – Players race while moving their arms in a robotic fashion in rhythm with their stride. They should pump their hands from their neck to their hips, using bent elbows. Learning to propel with their arms will increase speed.

The Bounce – Players race down the floor while bringing their knees up to their chests with each stride. They develop a power thrust by bouncing with each step.

The Buttkick – For this race, players kick their heels up to kick their buttocks as they run. This develops the follow through they need to sprint effectively.

The Goose-Step – This race helps develop stride by having players run with their legs straight out and extended vertically.

Coaches should demonstrate each move before beginning the relay race. Assistants should help players remember which move is next after each round is completed.


3-Legged Basketball

This fun basketball game is a play on the traditional 3-legged race. Coaches will need ropes or strips of cloth long enough to tie two players’ legs together. The game works best when players are paired up based on size. Similarly-sized players will be much better able to play together than a mismatched pair.

  • To play 3-Legged Basketball, have teams play two-on-two half-court games. Once players are tied together at the leg, it might seem more like a one-on-one game! Players need to focus on using teamwork and good communication skills to play effectively.
  • They will have to work together to decide who gets the ball, who shoots and who dribbles, and where to go on the court. When on defense, teams will have to communicate to determine when to guard the offensive team and when to focus on getting the rebound.

Coaches should allow players time to get used to moving together before starting the games. It is a good idea to remind players that this game is about communicating and having a good time – one player trying to play too fast or too aggressively will make the game less fun for the partner and everyone else on the court.


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