One of the drills my under 12 girls love I have named the Key Drill. From the base line there are a couple of different things I do depending on whether I’m working on the first step speed, fitness or just getting them to put in an honest effort in all the major spots on the floor.

The Key Drill Fun Drills for Youth Basketball
I get 5 of them to line up under the basket and enter the court one at a time.

When they enter the court they step into the low post as if they are posting up looking for to receive the ball (which is in my hands and varies as to where they will eventually receive it from as I continually move around).

Once all five are on the court from the lost post they then bust up to the high post at the free throw line (again hands and posture in a receiving form). As soon as the first player moves from the low post to the high post the second player enters the court and follows in the same manner.

From the high post they then slide down to the opposite low post again looking to receive the ball when posting up in the low block. (At this stage there are now 3 players on the court).

After an honest attempt at posting up the player on the second low post steps out to the 3 point line on the base line, (always ensuring that they are in game mode). Now we have 4 players on the floor and they are all continuing to move in the same motion.

From time to time I will make them sprint all the way around the half or full length of the court again (depending on what I’m“  trying to achieve).

Another variation is to just get them to move from the base line to the 3 point line (or just inside) on the 45. A quick look for the ball, then continuing up to the point position and onto the opposite 45. By this stage all 5 players are on the floor all in key positions and all looking for the ball.

And they know they must be looking for the ball as I will pass it to one of them (which always varies) depending on which player in which position I hit they go into anyone of our plays.

To extend on this I get 2 lines of five directly under the hoop and have defense played at the same time ensuring that they remain focused as well as pushed to get into the right position.

This also gives me the opportunity to look at both offense and defense positioning and any short mistakes they’re making as this is such a fast drill, remembering these are 9 & 10 yr old girls.